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For over 50 years, Master Pneumatic has been bringing industry the finest in air preparation and injection lubrication products. Compressed air preparation products include general purpose filters, coalescing filters, desiccant dryers, pressure regulators, and lubricators. Port sizes range to 2” npt.

Serv-Oil single point and multiple point injection lubrication systems offer unique and cost effective solutions to precise lubrication of pneumatic equipment and machine surfaces.

Visit their website at www.masterpneumatic.com

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Superior quality and time-tested performance are the foundation of the DynaQuip product line. Automated ball and butterfly valves are available with a range of electric and pneumatic actuators in both pre-packaged and custom configurations, depending on the requirement. Manual ball valves in brass (standard and exhausting), carbon steel, and stainless steel are available with several body configurations. A host of control options and accessories are available to supplement the product line.

Visit their website at www.dynaquip.com

Lobster Tools2000series.jpg

Through the excellent support of its North American agent, the S-B Group, Lobster Tools brings to the market one of the most comprehensive lines of blind rivet and rivet nut tools available anywhere. From the lightweight 2000 series to the ARV remote intensifier series with hydraulic hose swivel, the focus is on operator comfort, enhanced ergonomics, and production line durability.

Visit their website at www.s-bgroup.com

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Manufacturing quality quick disconnect couplers, blow guns, and related accessories has been the focus of Foster Manufacturing for over 50 years. Quick couplers to suit various gasses and liquids are available in most of the common interchange styles. A handy ‘interchange search’ tool is available on Foster’s website for quick cross reference.

 Visit their website at www.couplers.com


A product line of Woodhead Industries, Aero-Motive provides solutions for tool support, fluid handling, and electrification issues. Products include tool balancers, retractors, torque reels, cord and cable reels, hose reels, and festoon systems.

Visit their website at www.woodhead.com

Delta Regis Tools, Inc.side_425_rev1.jpg

Specializing in precision clutch-type assembly screwdrivers, Delta Regis offers a complete range of lightweight, ergonomic assembly tools to suit the majority of small fastener installation needs. Accompanying the screwdrivers is a full complement of related accessories including rotary torque transducers, bench torque testers, screw feeders, manual torque screwdrivers, tool stands, and balancers.

Visit their website at www.deltaregis.com

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Evolving from DynaQuip's expertise in industrial valve and actuation design, the WaterCop is a residential automatic water shut-off system utilizing flood sensors to turn off water when a leak is detected. For further information on system operation, available components, installation, and control options, follow the link below.

Visit their website at www.watercop.com

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